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                                                           News Flash!
New Venue...


I will be at Creative Comforts Consignment Store in Kenneth City on the 2nd and 4th Thursday of the month.


Bring your knives and household scissors (sorry, no haircutting scissors or garden tools), and
browse the store for bargains while you wait.

Next event July 26th, see you there...

Creative Comforts Consignment Shop

5520 58th Street N.
Kenneth City


Tue/Wed/Thu 9:30 am - 5:30 pm
Fri/Sat 9:30 am - 6:00 pm
Closed Sun/Mon 



Sharpening Price List


 Fixed Blade and Folding Knives

Knives up to 4"               $4.00

Knives up to 6"               $5.00

Knives up to 8"               $6.00

Knives over 8"                $7.00

Cleavers                         $7.00

Serrated + $1.00

Small pocket knives -  $3.00 first blade, $1.00 ea. additional blade

$4.00 minimum per knife


Exceptions: No ceramic blades, collectibles, or knives with sentimental value, or some finely serrated blades


Scissors & Shears

Scissors up to 4" blades         $5.00

Dressmaker & med. scissors   $7.00

Large & pinking shears           $8.00


No salon or specialty shears


Lawn & Garden Equipment & Tools

Note: Some Lawn and Garden tools are not done at the market: they are taken to my shop, and returned the next week. Arrangements can be made for pick-up during the week, if needed.

                Loppers                                $6.00  

                Tree/Pole Loppers                  $8.00  

                Grass Clippers                       $5.00  

                Garden Pruners                     $5.00 

                Hedge Trimmers                    $9.00

                Hoe/Shovel/Spade                 $7.00   

                Axe/Hatchet Sharpen             $5.00 per edge

                Machete                                $1.00/inch


No electric hedge clippers